Why XyberMed

Join the Ranks of Medical Practitioners Using XyberMed Boost Your Earnings on Multiple Fronts


At XyberMed, we are creating a thriving ecosystem that provides reliable medical billing services, sustainable healthcare assessment, and high-quality patient engagement services for independent healthcare practitioners. Using patented IT technology, we provide a unified workflow bridging the administrative gap between independent practitioners and their patient network.

Our cutting-edge approach to Revenue Cycle Management is designed to handle billings, unify care roles, and improve patient scheduling services. By choosing XyberMed, your Clinical Care services automatically enjoy the latest tools and technologies in Patient Workflow management. Our flexible billing option provides a comprehensive suite of Healthcare IT solutions covering telemedicine, patient scheduling, ambulatory billing, electronic healthcare records, and business analytics reporting.

This arsenal of reliable tech solutions leads your business by results, revolutionizing your practice niche and helping you manage higher patient volume every quarter.


Result Oriented

XyberMed serves an expanding network of healthcare providers, with an operational footprint of 20,000 practitioners in 30 States, across 100 specialties and 2.3 million patients. Over $1.5 million in insurance claims are processed on the Xybermed platform every quarter.


Billing processes, patient engagement, and dashboard features are automated on the XyberMed platform. This approach improves flexibility, eliminates administrative burdens, and optimizes profitability. 


Unified Workflow

Across the continuum, we unify your employees, making sure the stages of billing and patient management are executed seamlessly with zero accounting errors. 

Flexible Design

Quality tools driving financial insights and a smooth administrative input. Our system design is perfect for appointment scheduling, charting, billing data reports, and business analytics.

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