Medical Scribe Services

Our mission at Medical Scribing Solutions is to bring the healthcare provider and patient back together by utilizing future healthcare providers to assist in the duties of charting while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of electronic health records (EHRs).

It is our goal to make it easier for healthcare providers to do what they do best – see and treat patients, while offering pre-health students the ultimate experiential learning opportunity. We believe that happier physicians, more satisfied patients, and students that are thrilled with taking notes off your hands is the ultimate win-win-win scenario.

FOS (Front Office Solutions) leads the industry with flexible workflow models that help our highly trained Virtual Scribes serve as trusted personal assistants. Our scribes offer physician support that goes far beyond basic discrete and non-discrete chart completion.

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As the dominant industry pioneer in the Virtual Scribe marketplace, FOS (Front Office Solutions) provides top ranked Virtual Scribing services to hundreds of healthcare organizations and thousands of providers coast to coast, boosting clinical and financial results while reducing physician burnout. With flexible delivery options for real-time scribe encounters, recorded encounters (Scribe Assist), or post-encounter note support, FOS (Front Office Solutions) Virtual Scribes minimize provider keyboarding time, enable increased patient loads during normal workday schedules, and accelerate accurate, content rich chart closures with the details required to optimize relative value units (RVUs).

FOS (Front Office Solutions) Virtual Scribing services provide:

  • 20% average increase in daily patient encounters 
  • 12% average increase in RVUs 
  • 98% same-day chart closure rates 
  • Measurably reduced physician burnout
  • Recognized as the dominant industry leader in Virtual Scribes