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Automating Medical Billing for Independent Practitioners

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Driving Financial Milestones for Healthcare Providers

 XyberMed champions the global drive for a full-service, technology-based billing platform built for independent medical practitioners and healthcare facilities. Designed as a flexible, intuitive system,  XyberMed introduces healthcare services to a connected ecosystem of tech-savvy patients and customers.

At  XyberMed, our all-inclusive provides an expansive revenue cycle management system, eliminating the primary challenges of global healthcare reach.

Our expertise in patient engagement services, clinical record assessment, and billing services yield innovative records in administrative brilliance. We amplify your Patient in a bid to help you simplify decision-making, streamline medical operations and comply with industry standards in patient management.

You care for the Patients. XyberMed handles the billing.

With over 12 years of Healthcare and Billing Operations, our plan to unlock entrepreneurial insights for medical practitioners has generated over $25 million in revenue, managed over 100,000 billings, and is projected to cover over 5,000 practices by 2025.

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Our Philosophy on Service Delivery

At XyberMed, our operational focus targets independent medical practitioners solving challenges in billing and revenue cycle management. We lead the global medical billing industry by deploying innovative technologies that foster better patient engagement and optimize income for independent practitioners. Our objectives and operational trajectory boost the financial outlook for busy practitioners, unlocking an entrepreneurial side of clinical care. We are the ideal partner for revenue management.

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The XyberMed Culture

Above all, XyberMed prioritizes client satisfaction, leveraging the best healthcare IT solutions to secure quality results in medical billing services. As a third-party medical billing service, all outsourced revenue projects on our networks are managed independently. Our line-up of IT experts deploys industry-certified skills in managing insurance claims, scheduling appointments, coding and collecting bills, and generating data analytics on every cent collected.

Over the years, this is the reputation we have earned.

Our Culture as a company ranks us as a leading medical billing service on the globe.