TELCOR RCM Solutions

TELCOR RCM is a laboratory billing software that provides real-time analytics, workflow automation, and improved collections capabilities.

Laboratory Billing

Key Benefits of Using TELCOR Billing Software

1-Automated Claims Processing: With automated claims processing, TELCOR RCM reduces human error and speeds up reimbursement cycles, all while streamlining the billing process. Laboratories can submit claims with ease, which accelerates income generation.

2-Denial Tracking: The software incorporates robust denial tracking features, enabling laboratories to identify and rectify issues promptly. This proactive approach minimizes claim denials, reducing revenue leakage and improving overall billing accuracy.

3-Customizable Pricing:  XyberMed provides configurable price choices within TELCOR RCM and is aware of the various needs that laboratories have. This adaptability enables labs to customize the billing system to meet their unique needs, guaranteeing a customized approach to revenue management.

4-Real-time Analytics:  With the help of real-time analytics from TELCOR RCM, laboratories can keep an eye on critical performance metrics, follow revenue patterns, and make informed decisions. The analytical tools on the platform provide insights into prospects for revenue development and billing efficiency.

5-Patient/Client Portals: Enhancing the patient and client experience, TELCOR RCM includes user-friendly portals. Patients and clients can access their billing information, review statements, and make payments online, fostering transparency and improving overall satisfaction.

6-Patient/Client Portals: Improving the clean claims passing ratio with Telcor RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) Solution involves optimizing various aspects of the claims process. Here are some strategies you can consider:

  • Data Accuracy and Integrity
  • Automated Data Validation
  • Claim Scrubbing
  • Coding Accuracy
  • Integration with EHR and PMS
  • Real-Time Eligibility Verification
  • Prompt Claim Submission
  • Denial Management
  • Continuous Monitoring and Reporting
  • Staff Training
  • Compliance Audits

Reports and Metrics At Your Fingertips

All QML reports, whether generated through online functions or the Addons menu, make use of the integrated Crystal Reports® designer. This enables the printing, faxing, exporting, or attachment of each report to an email, provided that Microsoft® Messaging API (MAPI) is configured on the QML server. This ensures uniformity across all reporting options.