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    Services We Offer As Front Office Solution

    Front Office Solutions team is highly experienced in various vital Front Office Management operations such as patient scheduling, timely data entry and accurately determining patients’ insurance eligibility which decreases claim denial rate and significantly increases practice revenue.

    Previsit Scribe Services

    calls patients before the appointment

    collates labs and radiology reports

    consultant reports

    Live Scribe Services

    Phone Answering

    Eligibility and benefit verification

    Appointment Confirmation


    Pre Certification/Authorization

    Provider Credentialing

    EMR/EHR Setup

    Medical Billing & Claim Submission

    Account Receivable Audit,Follow up

    Payment Posting

    Patient Balance Verification

    Patient Statements

    Patients Payment Posting

    Monthly Practice Audit

    Monthly Reporting

    Answering Services

    Medical Scribing

    Virtual Personal Assistant

    Website Design & Development

    White Glove Staffing

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Previsit Scribe Services

    calls patients before the appointment

    gets CC


    Medication reconciliation


    collates labs and radiology reports

    Live Scribe Services

    Hardware in room for audiovisual

    video phone and IVR a set up

    Stays with the doc on Video phones

    documentation of ROS

    physical exam ( template based)

    Enters EMR ORDERS for lab

    radiology tests

    reinforces instructions

    sets follow up appointments


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