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Eligibility Verification

Eligibility Verification

XyberMed’s RCM algorithm completes the vital processes of eligibility and benefit verification. At the beginning of the medical revenue cycle, we track all data on secondary and primary payment coverage for your patients. This reduces potential revenue loss while simultaneously identifying all levels of coverage for maximum reimbursement. Our verification tools streamline your registration/verification process using specialized features, including a huge insurance database, a patient-friendly data entry interface, and automatic blocks for incorrect conclusions and false positives.

  • Easier Front-end Billing Execution
  • Correct Code Matching
  • Reduction in Claim Denials and Rejections
  • Maximum Patient-per-Session Reimbursements
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Be a Step Ahead in Coverage Discovery

Patient Scheduling

Patient Scheduling

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Our web-based front-desk solutions , user-friendly patient interface eases the burden of manual scheduling for your care team. XyberMed’s Scheduling Solutions provides an all-in-one appointment scheduling option reducing late arrivals, double-scheduling, and appointment confirmations. Also, in our urgent care telehealth serves we offer different benefits.

Be in control of your patient flow. Reduce the time spent flipping through calendars.

  • Appointment Flexibility
  • Real-time Schedule Monitoring
  • Location, Date, and Status Features
  • Callbacks and Cross-Scheduling
  • Cancellations and Referrals Tracking
  • HIPAA Security Protocol Compliance

Payment Reminders

We leverage innovative technology using automated messages to inform your patient network of co-payments, full-coverage payments, and out-of-pocket costs. Customize the stages and process of payment notifications and alerts with the XyberMed Payment Reminder System. Our intuitive notification prompts use state-of-the-art automated features to remind your patients of medical, clinical, and laboratory bills due for payment. Depending on your patient demographics, reminder options available on this solution include texts, in-app prompts, emails, and direct texts. An integrated feature review, modify and confirm all payments made.

Resolve billing issues faster and get paid on schedule. Try the XyberMed Payment Notification Algorithm today.

  • Simplified Payment Reminders
  • Insurance Coverage Notifications
  • Payment History
  • Online Payment Tracking
Patient Payment Collection

Patient Payment Collection

Experimenting with better models of revenue optimization?

Try XyberMed’s Payment Reminder Solution. Explore cutting-edge technology on a direct text-to-pay solution in medical billing. Self-pay collections that integrate smoothly with the XyberMed . We provide an inclusive payment option that relieves financial strain on Healthcare Billing using multiple modern payment gateways. Engage your patients with a payment dashboard enabling bank bill pay, automated payment, recurring payment scheduling, and point-of-server collections.

Collect payments faster online with no hassles

  • Pre-authorization charge
  • Patient Digital Wallet
  • Automated Payment Plans
  • Transaction History Board
  • Payment Alerts and Notifications
  • Billing Mails, Texts, and e-Statements

Monthly Reports

We capture actionable data on payment streams, appointment schedules, recurring visits, and Specialist and Care referrals every month. We reconcile these data to provide you with reports detailing your revenue growth trends, patient flow, insurance payments, claims history, and Clinical team turnover. KPI reports track payment collections, charges, adjustments, account receivables, and encounters. We provide concise reports in formats usable for your board and medical team.

  • Insurance Analysis Report
  • Key Performance Indicators Summary
  • Follow-up Reports
  • Account Receivable Aging Report

Payer Mix Report (Co-payments, Out-of-Pocket, and Full Payment)

Monthly Records

Monthly Records


Get real-time updates on activities important to patient management and revenue maximization. Our cloud-based patient management solution eases the administrative stress on manual record generation. XyberMed’s records suite helps independent practitioners manage diagnostics lab records, patient medical records, billing records for revenue analysis, and appointment records. We operate a market-leading EHR system designed to collate, arrange and present clinical data in multiple formats. This interface also monitors drug inventory, tracks the status of available beds, and arranges patient demographics and engagement trends. Leverage modern technology in automated record capture.

  • Intuitive
  • Reduced Double-entry Errors
  • Accurate and Precise
  • Automated Record Capture
Telehealth Support

Telehealth Support

With convenience and privacy at its core, the XyberMed Telehealth Support is designed to easily access patients across iOS, Android, or Desktop platforms. Our Telehealth support is integrated into the EHR and Practice Management (PM) System, increasing your reach with no disruption to daily workflow. Tools available for Telehealth support solve the hurdles to healthcare reach, minimizes last-minute cancellation, and increase your practice reach beyond State boundaries. Built with a robust ICT infrastructure, this solution is your best bet for real-time, two-way clinical interactions.

  • HIPAA-compliant Communication Protocols
  • Real-time Audiovisual Tech
  • Patient Reminders
  • Seamless Onboarding
  • Integrated PM/HER
  • Scalability to Multiple Patients
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Audit and Compliance

Audit and Compliance

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At XyberMed, we help monitor your compliance with government protocols and clinical ethics on finances, tax declaration, and compliance audits. Safeguarding your organization against audit errors frees up more time for clinical care. Our audit compliance services fortify your organization against compliance vulnerabilities while resolving multiple challenges in key areas. Using a technical approach for data analysis and presentation, we help your organization deliver on achieving your compliance needs. This is how we help you reduce denials, follow regulatory compliance, and drive revenue.   Improve Audit Compliance Rate. Mitigate Risk. Block Revenue Loss.

  • Coding Support
  • Facility Compliance Audits
  • Educations and Training
  • Accurate Audit Coding
  • Detailed Chart Audits
Feedback and Survey

Feedback and Survey

Get feelers and feedback from your patient easily. Conduct surveys on patient satisfaction and collect reports immediately. Our online cache of Feedback and Survey tools captures information provided on care assessment, client satisfaction, and referral assessments. We have tools that record multi-input survey responses, capturing what your clients say about service provision and suggestions and patient integration.

While you build a Clinical plan, XyberMed collates client responses.

  • Client-centered Surveys
  • Automated Feedback Capture
  • Customized Templates
  • Responsive Interface
  • Seamless Process
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