Is your billing strategy inefficient and leads to low coverage? Are you troubled by complicated family practice bills and terminology? By outsourcing family practice billing services to professional billing staff, make smarter choices. By letting us worry about your billing needs, we can give your primary care physician the freedom to involve in family practice without feeling frustrated or having negative experiences with patients.

Professional medical billing solutions is the name that comes up when discussing the preferred billing company. We have 15 years of experience in various professional medical billing. We are the first choice for family practice medical billing companies, because our expertise is completely beyond the scope of traditional billing. Our knowledge of the best billing methods will help you save a lot of time and money.

Partner with our Medical Billing Company and Enjoy Unique Benefits

HIPAA compliance

Faster turnaround time

Regular QA checking

Daily, monthly and weekly reports

Solutions on client’s software or our own software

No long-term yearly contracts

Advanced technology and software applications

Regular updates on changing compliance

No initial costs or hidden fees! No long-term yearly contracts!


Family practice billing services are conducted in a transparent manner so that you can clearly understand the process. Our method is simple and efficient, and can save a lot of money for your practice, cost and time wisely. This is how we do it:

Eligibility and Authorization

Being a family practice billing company, we will review the patient eligibility by checking medical justification, compliance, and data accuracy to preauthorize care

Payment Posting

The reimbursed amount will be posted into respective patient account along with statements for further reconciliation. In addition, a report will be furnished for recordkeeping

Submit a claim

After confirming that the data provided is correct, we will file a claim with the insurance company. After the insurance company receives the relevant documents, we will notify you

Claim Submission

We will submit the claims to insurers after establishing that the furnished data is accurate and error-free. We will notify you once the insurer is in receipt of the relevant documents

Eligibility and pre-authorization verification

As a family practice billing company, we will review the eligibility of patients by checking medical reasons, compliance and data accuracy to authorize care in advance

Payment posting

The reimbursement amount will be posted to the corresponding patient account together with the statement. In addition, a report will be provided for record