Dermatology medical billing and coding is a challenge for any practice, but it can be even worse for dermatology. XyberMed provides outsourcing dermatology medical billing services for physician practices to optimize revenue and minimize the hassle of medical billing.


What practitioners may not realize is that a comprehensive medical billing and coding service starts with the patient’s first contact with the office, in the scheduling phase, and follows through with the whole process, up until any remaining bill is paid. That way, the medical biller confirms what is covered and how much the payer will pay, so the patient understands the bill from the beginning, and there are no unhappy surprises and far fewer unpaid bills. Must check our dermatology medical billing services.

We understand Dermatology Billing Better: Challenges in Billing & Coding

Medical coding and billing is a challenge for any practice, but it can be even worse for dermatology. The following have been identified as some of the more frequently occurring issues.

Varying Insurance Coverage

More than perhaps any other specialization, dermatology includes numerous different treatments and procedures code for which every payer has different rules governing what is and is not covered by their policies. This requires a higher level of specialization by medical coders, who have to understand subtle differences and be aware that how they code a procedure will often mean the difference between the practice being reimbursed or having the claim denied.

Cosmetic vs. Medically Necessary Procedures

Because dermatologists treat so many conditions that may or may not be “medically necessary,” depending on the severity, additional conditions and other factors, the coding details make the difference in whether a claim is accepted or denied. Again, coders need specialized training to stay updated with the latest CPT codes for dermatology procedures and be aware of how to correctly identify each diagnosis and procedure, and use the appropriate coding modifiers.

Procedure Bundling

Bundling charges for treatments that are performed together simplifies coding in many cases, but billers and coders must be familiar with what is included in bundles and be careful not to bill for anything that is not included, which would be a violation of over-coding regulations.

Denied And Rejected Claims

Because there are so many varying rules and differences between covered and non-covered procedures, dermatology practices encounter high numbers of rejected and denied claims. Resolution requires that the billing staff be specialized in the field so that they can efficiently identify the error or conflict and determine how to clarify the coding so that the claim is reimbursed.

XyberMed only bills for dermatology practices, and we do it better than anyone in the industry.


Focus On Delivering Excellent Care

A thriving dermatology billing practice depends on an office staff focused on delivering excellent care to patients and specialized multiple procedures, evaluation and management experts who get claims quickly and accurately filed. Rejections and denials by payers must be addressed efficiently & resubmitted before the time limit imposed by the payer. By outsourcing dermatology medical billing to XyberMed, dermatology practitioners are free to focus on their practice instead of figuring out the complexities of dealing with payers.


We Are Innovators In The Field

Our proprietary software makes front-end data entry simple and far more accurate. We handle it all, from insurance credentialing and staying on top of the latest coding changes to handling rejections and denials, compliance charting, and even bill collection if necessary. Get a free demo today to see how much easier your dermatological coding can be.

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