Full-service Enrolment and Credentialing for Independent Medical Practitioners

Our Credentialing Solutions is a one-stop suite for Medical Credentialing, Insurance Credentialing, Hospital Privileging, Provider Enrollment, Commercial insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid Insurances.

NPI Applications

NPI Applications

Get your National Provider Identifier applications filled using expert consultancy services at XyberMed. Your 10-digit identification number, once issued, is integrated into the XyberMed RCM , making it easy for Insurance companies to identify and pay you. We take you through the application steps, fill your data correctly and get your organization eligible for third-party paying protocols.

Upgrade Your Service Delivery with a Proper NPI Application

  • HIPAA-compliant Application Protocols
  • Easy Enrollment
  • Personal Data Privacy
  • Smooth Insurance Payment
CAQH Profile Setup

CAQH Profile Setup


Optimize the timeframe for your self-reporting professional and practice information using XyberMed Credentialing solutions. Using an intuitive, profile-based template, we help independent healthcare practitioners maintain a customizable CAQH profile. We handle the stages and processes involved, including data credentialing, organization directory setup, completing application queries, and monitoring access to your application data.

Be in control of your patient flow. Reduce the time spent flipping through calendars.

At XyberMed, we simplify your CAQH data submission process from start to finish.

  • Simple Credentialing
  • Data Verification and Submission
  • CAQH Profile Optimization
  • Profile Access Monitoring


Are you active on the Medicare Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System (PECOS)?
Join other independent practitioners using the XyberMed PECOS credentialing solution. We streamline your Medicare Provider and Supplier enrollment process by using an interactive interface for data collection and submission. Our PECOS solution catalogs your NPI, personal data, professional license information, and certification information in a responsive database.

Manage Your PECOS Status Better with XyberMed

  • Revalidation Services
  • Status Monitoring
  • Reactivation
  • Practice Location Update (DMPOS)
Physician Contracts

Physician Contracts

XyberMed offers strategic physician contract drafting services. We level the playing field between independent providers and payors, making sure you get the most out of insurance payments and out-of-pocket expenses. As a full-service medical billing company, our expert legal team negotiates pay-per-service contracts, reviews existing insurance claims, modifies specialist contracts, and fixes revenue leaks from bad contract clauses.

Boost Your ROI with a profitable Right Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Service Rate Negotiations
  • Payor Portfolio Management
  • Contract Drafting and Review


Collect bills faster using the XyberMed multi-interface electronic fund transfer solution. Complete the EFT and ERE enrollment forms using an interactive platform with guide tips for all queries. We help manage all inputs you might need and guide you through the process. We follow your application process with an integrated system designed to help retrieve your ERA from an Electric Data Interchange (EDI) vendor.

We provide concise reports in formats usable for your board and medical team.

  • Application Processing
  • ERA Retrieving
  • Full-service Application Option
  • ERA Consultancy


Creating Web Portals

Creating Web Portals


Establish and grow a community of tech-savvy patients, specialists, and staff using our web portal services. Create a reliable connection between your patients and specialist teams b leveraging modern innovation in medical website technologies. XyberMed’s web portal solutions make it easy for patients to book appointments, manage bills, supply feedback, and get quick telemedicine services.

Move Your Specialist Service Closer to the Target Audience

  • Responsive Web Interface
  • Integrated Portals
  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Cheap Alternative
PLR Certification

PLR Certification

Independent healthcare practitioners bank on PLR certification to obtain accurate medical information and update existing specialist care services. We provide a web-based, multifunctional PLR protocol to get you certified and implement electronic interfaces seamlessly. We make sure your service is listed as a trusted provider of medical care across different niches.

Get listed as a trusted healthcare provider using XyberMed’s PLR solution

  • PLR Support
  • Interface Testing and Design
  • Data Sharing Agreement
  • Drafting Implementation Strategies
New Project (33)
Group Contract

Group Contract

New Project (31)

Draft the best terms of engagement and service provision for your care team. XyberMed’s group contact services lay out the legal framework for dealing with insurance claims, collecting overdue accounts, recruiting care specialists, and onboarding patients. We study the competition to give your organization the best pricing structure and other service terms in group contract clauses.

Improve Audit Compliance Rate. Mitigate Risk. Block Revenue Loss.

  • Billing Contracts
  • Clear Terms
  • Insurance Contracts
  • Contract Reviews
Application Submission

Application Submission

Get your medical applications drafted, reviewed, and submitted.  We handle your NPI applications, tax filings, EDI listings, Insurance claims, and CAQH data submission. All application processes are completed with your direct consent and approval.

Free up more time for clinical care with XyberMed’s Application Submission service.

  • Integrated Submission Interface
  • Stepwise Briefings
  • Application Drafting and Review
  • Submission Feedbacks
Linking Tax IDs

Linking Tax IDs

Get started with the right information on Tax Protocols for Independent Practitioners and Insured Patients. XyberMed undergoes the rigorous task of linking your Tax IDs while also completing your EIN application, EIN verification, and Tax ID confirmation on all electronic transactions. We help you stay compliant with the relevant regulations and avoid huge legal liabilities. Our legal team provides you with expert advice on tax relief options, making sure you save more for every bill received.

We handle every bit of incorporation advisory, corporate tax planning, personal tax planning, performance measurement, and financial statement preparation.
Avoid Legal Liabilities by using XyberMed’s Tax Solutions.

  • Tax Planning
  • Financial Projections and Forecast
  • Tax Maximization Strategies
  • Tax Advisory
Contract Price Negotiations

Contract Price Negotiations

We execute an in-depth evaluation of existing contracts, conduct a SWOT analysis on healthcare billings, and provide you organized to drive the best contract terms. We simply invest significant efforts into making your practice profitable.

Create Better Contract Terms with XyberMed Negotiation Services

  • Comparative Analysis
  • Contract Review
  • Reimbursement Monitoring
  • Financials Analysis of Market Trends