Medical Scribe Services

Our mission at Medical Scribing Solutions is to bring the healthcare provider and patient back together by utilizing future healthcare providers to assist in the duties of charting, while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of electronic health records (EHRs).

It is our goal to make it easier for healthcare providers to do what they do best – see and treat patients, while offering pre-health students the ultimate experiential learning opportunity. We believe that happier physicians, more satisfied patients, and students that are thrilled with taking notes off your hands is the ultimate win-win-win scenario.

FOS (Front Office Solutions) leads the industry with flexible workflow models that help our highly trained Virtual Scribes serve as trusted personal assistants. Our scribes offer physician support that goes far beyond basic discrete and non-discrete chart completion.

As the dominant industry pioneer in the Virtual Scribe marketplace, FOS (Front Office Solutions) provides top ranked Virtual Scribing services to hundreds of healthcare organizations and thousands of providers coast to coast, boosting clinical and financial results while reducing physician burnout. With flexible delivery options for real-time scribe encounters, recorded encounters (ScribeAssist), or post-encounter note support (DynaScribe), FOS (Front Office Solutions) Virtual Scribes minimize provider keyboarding time, enable increased patient loads during normal workday schedules, and accelerate accurate, content rich chart closures with the details required to optimize relative value units (RVUs).

FOS (Front Office Solutions) Virtual Scribing services provide:

  • 20% average increase in daily patient encounters 
  • 12% average increase in RVUs 
  • 98% same-day chart closure rates 
  • Measurably reduced physician burnout
  • Recognized as the dominant industry leader in Virtual Scribes



Full-service Enrolment and Credentialing for Independent Medical Practitioners
Our Credentialing Solutions is a one-stop suite for Medical Credentialing, Insurance Credentialing, Hospital Privileging, Provider Enrollment, Commercial insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid Insurance.

  • NPI Applications

Get your National Provider Identifier applications filled out using expert consultancy services at XyberMed. Your 10-digit identification number, once issued, is integrated into the XyberMed RCM software, making it easy for Insurance companies to identify and pay you. We take you through the application steps, fill in your data correctly and get your organization eligible for third-party paying protocols.

Upgrade Your Service Delivery with a Proper NPI Application

  • HIPAA-compliant Application Protocols
  • Easy Enrollment
  • Personal Data Privacy
  • Smooth Insurance Payment
  • CAQH Profile Setup

Optimize the timeframe for your self-reporting professional and practice information using XyberMed Credentialing solutions. Using an intuitive, profile-based template, we help independent healthcare practitioners maintain a customizable CAQH profile. We handle the stages and processes involved, including data credentialing, organization directory setup, completing application queries, and monitoring access to your application data.

At XyberMed, we simplify your CAQH data submission process from start to finish.

  • Simple Credentialing
  • Data Verification and Submission
  • CAQH Profile Optimization
  • Profile Access Monitoring

Are you active on the Medicare Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System (PECOS)?

Join other independent practitioners using the XyberMed PECOS credentialing solution. We streamline your Medicare Provider and Supplier enrollment process by using an interactive interface for data collection and submission. Our PECOS solution catalogs your NPI, personal data, professional license information, and certification information in a responsive database.

Manage Your PECOS Status Better with XyberMed

  • Revalidation Services
  • Status Monitoring
  • Reactivation
  • Practice Location Update (DMPOS)

Physician Pre-Certifications

We recognize how your physician pool directly impacts your range of medical services and revenue turnover. From referrals to individual contractors, we have designed pre-certification protocols to ease professional listings and registration with all relevant agencies. With this, we improve your revenue outlook with more insurance payments and coverage. Get Your Independent Contractors Eligible for Pre-Certifications


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

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Website Design & Development

We have a highly qualified team of professionals all have got their certificates and diplomas from the highly renowned institutes in the filed of website designing and dedicated and committed to their work. They are aware with the fact that web designing Lahore is an art as well as science. Until and unless they don’t train themselves with latest technology, they can’t get success and this is what our mission is. We are proceeding towards our goals progressively, and we are sure that very soon, we will earn a big name in market.


Monthly Reports

We capture actionable data on payment streams, appointment schedules, recurring visits, and Specialist and Care referrals every month. We reconcile these data to provide you with reports detailing your revenue growth trends, patient flow, insurance payments, claims history, and Clinical team turnover. KPI reports track payment collections, charges, adjustments, account receivables, and encounters.

We provide concise reports in formats usable for your board and medical team.

  • Insurance Analysis Report
  • Key Performance Indicators Summary
  • Follow-up Reports
  • Account Receivable Aging Report
  • Payer Mix Report (Co-payments, Out-of-Pocket, and Full Payment)
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Appointment Confirmation

Our web-based, user-friendly patient interface eases the burden of manual scheduling for your care team. XyberMed’s Scheduling Solutions provides an all-in-one appointment scheduling option reducing late arrivals, double-scheduling, and appointment confirmations.

The algorithm provides a classic suite of software enabling self-scheduling for premium patients, appointment confirmations, auto-reminders, and appointment modification alerts. We help care teams navigate the complex web of administrative scheduling and patient appointment management.

Be in control of your patient flow. Reduce the time spent flipping through calendars.

  • Appointment Flexibility
  • Real-time Schedule Monitoring
  • Location, Date, and Status Features
  • Callbacks and Cross-Scheduling
  • Cancellations and Referrals Tracking 
  • HIPAA Security Protocol Compliance
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Patients Payment Posting

Try XyberMed’s Payment Reminder Solution. Explore cutting-edge technology on a direct text-to-pay solution in medical billing. Self-pay collections that integrate smoothly with the XyberMed RCM software reduce the challenges of bank-to-clinic or app-to-clinic payments. We provide an inclusive payment option that relieves financial strain on Healthcare Billing using multiple modern payment gateways. Engage your patients with a payment dashboard enabling bank bill pay, automated payment, recurring payment scheduling, and point-of-server collections.

Collect payments faster online with no hassles

  • Patient Digital Wallet
  • Automated Payment Plans
  • Transaction History Board
  • Payment Alerts and Notifications
  • Billing Mails, Texts, and e-Statements

Eligibility and Benefit Verification

XyberMed’s RCM algorithm completes the vital processes of eligibility and benefit verification. At the beginning of the medical revenue cycle, we track all data on secondary and primary payment coverage for your patients. This reduces potential revenue loss while simultaneously identifying all levels of coverage for maximum reimbursement. Our verification tools streamline your registration/verification process using specialized features, including a huge insurance database, a patient-friendly data entry interface, and automatic blocks for incorrect conclusions and false positives.

  • Easier Front-end Billing Execution
  • Correct Code Matching
  • Reduction in Claim Denials and Rejections
  • Maximum Patient-per-Session Reimbursements

Current BOD Members

Current BOD Members:

Mohammed Moizuddin MD, President

M. Taruj Ali MD, Secretary

Gulam Akhter Noorani, Treasurer

Gulam Ali Akhter Noorani MD MPH

Mujahid Ali Syed MD

Baseer Qazi, MD

Dolly Devara, MD

Mohammad Sajed, MD

Afshan Khan. MD

Aparna Mahakala, MD

Fawad Khan, MD

Shaista Safder, MD

Afreen Shariff, MD

Mohd. Shakeel Ur Rehman, MD

Altaf Aman, MD

Bacharach Khan, MD

Former BOD Members:

Wase Qawi, MD

Khaudeja Bano, MD

Iqbal Kapadia, MD

Raza Khan MD, Past President

Qutub Khan MD

Aijaz Khan MD

Yasmin Ansari MD

Jabeen Taj, MD

Farha Ikramuddin, MD

Ismail Shakaib MD