Our billers are specialized in Ambulance Medical Billing Services for several years. We provide simple billing solutions to complex requirements of various agencies, most notably Medicare. Failure in processing or assigning your Emergency Medical Services (EMS) claims filing can lead to loss of revenue. 

The Best Ambulance Medical Billing Services We Offer

XyberMed is a professional billing service company and the best option to outsource your Ambulance Billing, EMS billing, and other medical billing requirements. We present a variety of redid billing services that are taken care of by ensured professionals with rich involvement. Some of the Ambulance Billing Services we offer are:

• Ambulance Billing and Payment Capture

• Fire Inspection Billing

• Handling False Alarm Billing

• Billing First Responders Without Transport

• Managing Membership Programs

• Tailored Integration of ePCR

• Follow-up with Unpaid Dues

Why Choose XyberMed for Outsource Ambulance Billing Services?

To keep offering a better experience to patients, ambulance companies need to get paid. Our objective to guarantee that you don’t tie up with complex billing functions. We untie every loose thread to build a Successful Billing service for you.

Imagine a scenario in which you can profit yourself more advantages that permit your paramedic group to zero in on what they excel at. Get all ambulance transport services. Your hunt closes with us! 

We lower the dangers by identifying poor documentation. Here are more reasons why you should band together with us –

• Safe and Reliable Billing

• Certified Ambulance Coders

• Customized Reports

• Routine Payment Follow-up

• Tailor-made Communications

• Continuous Staff Training

• Remote Access 24/7

How to keep Billing Service in good position and avoid the most common errors?

Your general clerks might not aware of the new regulations that can make your service liable to charges of fraud, payments of significant penalties, and pending receivables.

Some common errors that are encountered when billing for ambulance transport services are:


Coding errors

The billers are adequately trained to interpret the run sheets and choose the proper code(s), that represents the patient’s condition appropriately and help you get reimbursed accordingly.


Fee schedule errors

Our Ambulance Transportation billing services are well aware of all four methods of billing allowed by carriers currently. They analyze whether your fee schedule allows a fully itemized billing or the one that allows base rate and mileage only.