Secure, Fast, and the Most Affordable Billing Solutions Fast Claim Submission We pay attention to the smallest details of the Medicaid, Medicare, and major insurance carriers’ claim submission formats. Medical Coding Solution Medical coding is the process of accurately transcribing the clinical data, diagnosis, and procedures performed into codes. Structured Charge Entry A systematic charge entry process guarantees more than 98% accuracy with relevant checks at every stage to make the process smooth and accurate. Payment Posting Account receivable reports of each medical practice are very important as it provides insights into the financial health of the provider.

The entanglement of Medical Billing and the intricacy of Coding may cause an absolute delay in the clearance of bills. In some of the situations, the process probably takes few days to several months. However, proportionate to XyberMed, these convolutions just flew away and dissipate. XyberMed can easily transcribe each and every detail related to the patient. Furthermore, this data can be transfigured into billing codes.

Our experts in Medical Billing will surely provide the fundamentals of Coding and Billing and smoothen out the revenue cycle. They also indemnify the amount in a very shorter span of time.

Medical Billing

Hallmarks affluent Medical Billing

Lab Billing

Laboratory Billing Services are accessible at one’s disposal as an autonomous contribution.

Physician Billing

XyberMed provides stable and translucent physicians billing solutions.

Pharmacy Billing

There is nothing left from medical billing to coding that XyberMed cannot handle or grasp.

Facility Billing

Prerequisite and beneficial medical billing services are available as a self-supported offering.

Our Services include


Charge Entry

Accounts Receivable

Payment Posting

Denial management

Patient Statments

Practice audit


Cliam Submision


We Will

recuperates and retrieves your over drawn money

Just because of the feeble and improvident medical billing systems of several hospitals, a huge lot of people lost billions of dollars from their personal accounts. However, in point of fact, the formidable majority claims for a payback money coupon with errors that demands reprocessing. With regard to XyberMed, it stays ultra-modern and up to the minute in every possible way. The group of professionals and executives working with XyberMed provides an orbit of personalized as well as custom services to ensure the maximized recovery with an error-free claim.

We will steer your

Errors cranking up and contradictions

Errors that are triggering out of claims can even cost you anything. Being a figurehead in Medical Billing Services, one can effortlessly understand that even an acute error can cause rejections. It is quite evident that every rejection which is claiming for reprocessing will surely cost a customer a treasure of resources. If your topical billing causes any error then this goes on repeatedly and hence resulting in pilling up the claims that majorly cost a lot of amounts. The consequence lies in the core fact that it manifestly increases the overhead charges and culminates in form of profit loss. All the staff members belonging to the hospital including physicians as well commence to fix the costly bills that are an outcome of systematic errors. This mechanism confines all the care that a patient deserves.


We have

Brightest Minds

XyberMed provides an encyclopedic and far-reaching approach towards hospital billing problems and their solutions. At XyberMed, the customers feel no qualms even for the collection process.  Apart from commissioning sparkling and glittering minds and enrolling them to work on their qualities just to get them polished, we also outlay in the newest and brand-new technologies just to match today’s trends above and beyond the standard. At the very first hand, our internal caliber control appraises the claims and calculates them perfectly without the occurrence of errors.

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