XyberMed innovative, proprietary medical billing and coding services keep up with the annual code changes and generate error-free claims to maximize reimbursement.

Physical Therapy Billing Services

Physical therapy medical billing company specialists deal with an extremely wide range of patients who are dealing with anything from the natural stiffening that comes with age to recover from something as extreme as a stroke, accident, or major surgery. All of these are legitimate conditions needing treatment, but payers are often picky about physiotherapy, and their rules about what is and is not covered and under what circumstances can be impossible for medical staff to keep up with.

It’s Hard To Comply With Insurance Company’s Preferences

Physiotherapists are often delivering treatments prescribed by a doctor, so are not in a position to change the treatment to better comply with an insurance company’s preferences, again complicating the provider-payer relationship. On top of that, payers are looking to cut costs and the rules change constantly, making medical billing a huge headache for an in-office staff to deal with.


Front Office Scheduling Problems:

As a referral-based practice, physiotherapists are frequently getting patients from another office that may not be in the same insurer’s network. The medical billing and coding process begins when the appointment is set and insurance coverage is determined. Without the latest software and certified coders handling it, keeping track of all that out is next to impossible—and often results in improper coding.


Claim Denials:

Denial or rejection of claims can result from minute errors as well as payers disagreeing that treatment is covered by their policy. If anything seems to be awry, the claim will be automatically rejected or denied and it becomes the problem of the provider to figure out how to code the claim to correctly communicate what was done so that they can be paid appropriately.


We Bring Innovation And Efficiency

Outsourcing medical billing and coding obtains the needed services to allow practitioners and staff to devote their attention to patient care while increasing revenue by efficiently filing claims and managing rejections and denials. XyberMed certified specialists have the experience necessary to avoid up-coding and down-coding errors. We also take care of charting and coding compliance, annual payer adjustments, and bill collection, completing the revenue cycle.


We Are Certified And Experienced in Physical Therapy

XyberMed innovative, proprietary software keeps up with the annual code changes as well as constantly changing rules and billing practices. Our experience covers medical practices in all fields, and we have billing and coding specialists who are certified and experienced in physical therapy, so they can swiftly resolve any issues that arise.

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